Our friends at Weldon Mills use their ex-bourbon barrels to produce their Bourbon Barrel Gin. We took these Bourbon Barrel Gin barrels (try saying that five times fast!) and filled them with our Tiki bitters. The combination of the botanicals of the gin, the herbs, botanicals, and spices from our Tiki bitters, plus the subtle bourbon and oak notes combine to produce the bitter we call Luahine - Hawaiian for "old woman".

This is the third in our 2023-2024 series of barrel aged bitters and is an extremely limited release, limited quantities are available - get yours today!

Recommended Spirits: Pairs well with almost anything, but especially suited for brown spirits. As the name suggests it pairs well with tiki inspired drinks, or can add a tiki flare to any drink.

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Good bitters are the backbone to a good cocktail, just like seasoning is the key to a delicious meal. All of our bitters are hand made in small batches using a spirits base with no artificial flavors, additives, or coloring agents.