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    Even though we're a small "mom & pop" company, in the course of a year we produce more varieties of bitters than any of the national manufacturers!

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    Remedy Cocktail Company - Crated Cocktails In A Dash

    We are driven by a passion to create something new and serve something excellent, whether it is to our own guests, our friends and family, or our customers. Creativity and authenticity are core elements to our flavors and cocktails. While we may provide inspiration and cocktail recipes we believe what we provide are just the building blocks for something authentically you. Whether you are looking for the perfect cocktail to serve at a party or you are a business looking to create an even more unique and authentic experience for your clientele we look forward to connecting with you.

    Featured Recipe

    Nordic Summer

    We found the original specs for the nordic summer to be overly tart, so in our version we have reduced the lime juice by half and added our Lime & Sea Salt Bitters. Smooth, lightly herbal, and refreshing this cocktail is the perfect remedy to any summer day, nordic or otherwise.

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