Ukrainian Easter Flip

Every year we soak golden raisins in vodka for our traditional Ukrainian Easter bread and every year I think we should figure out something yummy to do with the vodka afterwards. This year was the year I figured out a cocktail just as yummy as our Easter bread to enjoy this infused vodka. Velvety smooth and sweet with raisin and citrus. Dry spice finish that lingers on the palate.


2 oz Golden Raisin Infused Vodka
1 oz Fresh Orange Juice
.5 oz Fresh Lemon Juice
1 whole Egg
1 dash Remedy Cocktail Company Aromatic Bitters
1 dash Remedy Cocktail Company Orange Bitters

Remedy Cocktail Company Aromatic Bitters


Dry shake all ingredients for 20 seconds. Add ice and shake until chilled, another 10-15 seconds. Double strain and serve up in a cocktail glass. Add drops of bitters to foam to decorate and garnish.

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Ukrainian Easter Flip