Irish Coffee

This rum cask Irish whiskey adds a slightly sweeter twist to the traditional Irish coffee. Adding the black walnut bitters to the cream add more depth to the aromatic component along with its nutty addition to the palate.


1 oz Teeling Irish Whiskey
1/3 oz Rich Demerara Syrup
2 oz Hot Coffee
1 oz Heavy Cream
2 dashes Remedy Cocktail Company Black Walnut Bitters

Grated Nutmeg


Warm mug with hot water, discarding water after a short time. Add whiskey, syrup, and coffee to the warmed mug. Sightly warm the cream or place in warmed shaker with bitters. Shake for about 10 seconds to aerate the cream. Pour over the back of a warm bar spoon to float on top of the coffee. Garnish with grated nutmeg.

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Irish Coffee