Black Sazerac

This riff on a classic Sazerac cocktail substitutes Remedy Cocktail Company’s Noir bitters for Peychaud’s bitters and burnt sugar syrup for Demerara syrup. The color of the cocktail goes from a reddish hue to a pleasant amber color. Dangerously sippable this cocktails spicy rye notes are rounded by the absinthe rinse and the lightly smokey fruits and black walnut from the noir bitters leave a pleasant finish on the palate.


2 oz rye whiskey
25 oz Burnt Sugar Syrup
4-6 dashes Remedy Cocktail Company Noir Bitters
1/8 oz Absinthe

Express Lemon
No Garnish


Rinse rocks glass with absinthe and add a large ice cube. Stir remaining ingredients over ice and strain over large cube in rocks glass. Express a lemon peel over top and discard lemon peel, serve cocktail without garnish.

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Black Sazerac